A window into our sustainable organisation

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For Toimata, a sustainable organisation is one that cares for the environment and the people in its community. It is about caring for the people working in the organisation - nourishing them throughout their work and their lives.
We strive to manifest ways of working that care for Papatūānuku and provide for the physical, spiritual, mental and communal well-being of people participating in our programmes, and working in our organisation. Some of the practical things we do to manifest the kaupapa in our daily life include:
2019_Toimata office_Plants and Art

Plants and art are important for our space

- Shaping work spaces -

Shaping work spaces that include a sense of nature and culture, cultivating peace, focus and connection with our mahi, each other, and the environment around us as we move through our day. We recognise that the environment around us is pivotal in settling our minds and spirit, and so make the conscious effort to make the spaces we are working in reflect our kaupapa and the energies we want to nurture. Greenery, waiata, art and natural lighting help us to do this.


- Respecting tikanga -

Tikanga grounds us and ensures we make the space to recognise and acknowledge our interconnectedness with the energies of the world around us. Taking time to greet each other, opening hui with karakia, whakatau, and other acknowledgements help us to live our values and define who we are as an organisation.

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We value a zero-waste office space.

- Zero Waste -

Striving for a zero waste workplace by making use of resources. We look after Papatūānuku through reducing waste, recycling, and keeping a compost bin and worm farm. To help us in this endeavour we also use environmentally friendly cleaning products and do regular waste audits.


- Creating room to celebrate our kaupapa -

We celebrate our kaupapa and the lives of people working with us. Our team are passionate and have amazing stories of their mahi and their lives. We love to celebrate their successes, support them during their struggles, and laugh with them whenever we can. From this comes a resilient, caring team, passionate about the work they are doing and the people they are working with.


- Sustainable workloads and sustainable time management practices -

Although it is sometimes challenging, we recognise the importance of balancing our workloads and time to maintain our physical and mental health. This involves planning ahead, prioritising tasks and projects, sharing the load amongst the wider team, recognising and valuing the importance of family life, and taking time in lieu as soon as practical. Through these choices we take a more sustainable and balanced approach to taking care of our health, making our interactions richer and more positive.

Holding the vision of Te Aho Tū Roa and Enviroschools